3 Places You Need to See in Santiago

Tourists are left awestruck by the beautiful scenery in Santiago, Chile. Why? The capital city offers superior views of the Andes Mountains everywhere you turn. Plus, walking through the city means marveling at centuries-old architecture. Santiago is simply a beautiful city.

When you plan a trip to Chile, you should be sure to include one of the Free Tours Santiago. This will keep you from wandering around aimlessly by guiding you through some of the most influential places in Santiago. While Santiago is scenic, it is also full of history you don’t want to miss.

Plaza de Armas

The first place you must visit when you travel to Santiago is the Plaza de Armas. This is the city’s center and is home to the main cathedral. The Catedral Metropolitano is a sight to behold with architecture that is astounding. You do not want to miss seeing it. This is also home to many historic buildings, as well as the Palacio de La Moneda. This is the Chile’s presidential office. If you time your visit correctly, you may even see the changing of the guard.

The Neruda Museum

Long Live Paula Neruda! Chileans take great pride in the life of famed Nobel Prize winning poet, Paulo Neruda. Luckily for you, his homes have been turned into museums. In Santiago, tourists may visit the Neruda Museum where they will easily see why Paula Neruda is worshipped in Chile. Neruda designed and decorated his homes, which have been turned into museums containing his personal possessions. Tourists will get an immediate sense of his unique personality.

Cerro San Cristobal

Tourists should not leave Santiago without climbing to Cerro San Cristobal to see views of the entire city from up above. This famous mountain park not only offers beautiful views, it also has walking trails, botanical gardens and more.

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