Choose Fairy Freckles and Friends for a Great Fairy Party Sydney

As far as entertaining kids at a party goes, you need to thoroughly engage your guests. Considering that you spend a lot of energy on your kids on a daily basis, why not engage the services of professionals who know how to entertain kids in a party. Your child’s special day when handled by a kids’ party entertainer will offer a magical experience.

Whether you live in Melbourne or Sydney, you can engage the services of Fairy Freckles and Friends. This fun-loving fairy, with the help of her friends, can bring your kid’s party alive with rainbow songs and dances, fun-filled games, and much more. It may be Fairy Freckles herself that you invite to the party, or even the Flower Fairy who delivers the magic to your fairy party Sydney. Whoever it is you can be sure of good times for all.  If you’d prefer there are also a range of different characters who can lead the fun and games at your party.  Fairy Freckles and all of her friends are true experts at the party game and here are some of the things you can expect when they take care of the entertainment at your kid’s party.


Face Painting: One of the things which you get when Fairy Freckles and her friends come to town is face painting. You can turn your kid’s party into a magical one as they get to paint the face of rainbow unicorns. Twilight Sparkle is an easily likable unicorn who leads children in face-painting. She gets help from Giggles The Clown as kids have beautiful flower patterns painted on their faces.



Super Balloon Creations: You would draw a lot of wows from the kids as balloons are used in creating lots of fun. In this regard, Fairy Freckles can rely on the ingenuity of Pirates Pete and Pearl. Of course, being the pirates which they are, they arrive with plenty of mischief. The moment their pirate ship berths, your special event is lighted up with the energy they bring. It is not possible to have a dull moment when the balloon sword fights which they create became the order of the day.  Apart from the pirates, Giggles The Clown makes fresh balloon creations which include the making of balloon flowers. There is so much which can be done with the balloons.

3. Fun-Filled Games: It would never be a complete party if your kids and guests are not treated to lots of fun-filled games. There is never a short supply of this as Fairy Freckles and all of her friends are never happier than when they are having fun and playing games at a party.

Dino Dinosaur leads a good number of animal characters in providing entertainment which all the children will enjoy. And don’t forget Giggles the Clown who keeps making everyone giggle with her family tricks.

4. Amazing Magic Shows: Your children and guests will enjoy a dose of magic when you hire the services of Fairy Freckles and Friends. This is because Fairy Freckles comes with a friend called the Rainbow Mermaid. This mermaid loves to play party games is magically given dancing legs sometimes. This will thrill the kids as they watch her spin and twirl on her magical feet. It is truly a magical experience to watch the rainbow mermaid perform the rainbow song and dance.

There are many reasons to use Fairy Freckles and her friends as kids party entertainers. This is besides the fact that they take away the stress of organizing a party off you so you can join in the fun.

It is understandable that you may look at your budget and wonder if you can give your kids the fun and entertainment which they deserve on their special day. Fairy Freckles and her friends would love to fly to your child’s birthday party or other special event. This is why they provide entertainment which is designed to suit any kind of budget. Regardless of the length of the party, they are professional enough to draw out shy kids from their world. The fun-filled games which they offer encourage all children at the party to participate.

With Fairy Freckles and Friends, you can be sure to host a party that will keep your guests talking long after it ends. The fairy’s vast experience in the world of entertainment means there is never a shortage of smiles on the faces of your children. You can take advantage of so many party ideas when you contact and hire Fairy Freckle’s troupe. The best part is, you will enjoy watching your child smile and getting full value for your money.



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