This is What You Should Do before Planning a Family

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Planning a family is one of the most important decisions in many of our lives. There is no gift as great as a baby that you can ever give to your partner. Since getting pregnant is often the most beautiful and important part of a woman’s life, it’s necessary that you and your partner take all the necessary measures to have a hale and hearty newborn.

Whilst a proper intake of nutrition and regular exercise are two of the crucial things that can help increase the chances of a happy and successful pregnancy, there are others things you can be doing too.

If you are planning to have a baby, then this article will help you take the right steps to ensure the best pregnancy possible.

1.  Genetic test

Sometimes, parents, be it father or mother, carry some genetic disorder that they themselves might not be aware of. This genetic mutation can be passed on to your baby, causing some serious disorder in him or her. So, before you plan to start your family, it’s important that both the mother and father go through this test in order to make sure that they are ready to have a healthy baby.

2. Chat with an expert

Giving birth to a baby is one of the beautiful gifts a woman can have in her life. But, just because she is pregnant and carrying the baby inside her, doesn’t mean only she’s responsible for taking care of the baby. The husband is equally responsible for looking after the baby just as the mother. So, make sure that both of you are ready to take up this testing yet lovely experience.

In order for you to understand your duties well, you can have a talk with an experienced doctor or expert. Although nothing can prepare you for your pregnancy, a good talk with a doctor will certainly help you both understand the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy.

3. Know the ovulation period

Having a first kid is important in itself, perhaps because it is never gonna happen again. Some couples get over excited about it and when they don’t succeed in their first few attempts, they get disheartened even though they’re physically fit and able. However, what they don’t understand is the fact that getting pregnant hugely depends on the ovulation period. The most fertile period for conceiving is 12 to 15 days after a woman has had her periods. So, make sure you have taken the note of ovulation period before planning for a baby.

4. Quit smoking and drinking

Now, if you are thinking that this step is only for the mothers-to-be, then let us tell you that it isn’t that way! It is equally important for fathers-to-be as well to stop smoking because even passive smoking is not good for mothers and their unborn. Here, it goes without saying that consumption of caffeine and alcohol is a BIG no no for both the baby and mother.

Some people think they will quit drinking once they get pregnant, but you see, tomorrow never comes! So, if you are planning to start your family, stop taking caffeine, tobacco and alcohol from today.

5. Regular medical check-ups

The lifestyle we are living is full of stress and complications that lead to several diseases. Some young people are already suffering from diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression or anxiety and gastrointestinal problems. These problems, if are not treated on time, can create problems in pregnancy. Regular medical check-ups can help detect and beat these problems in time, which is very necessary to have a healthy baby.

6. Get ready for after-pregnancy

Planning a family is not limited to the three semesters of pregnancy. It involves a lifetime of responsibilities for your soulmate as well as the kid. With parenthood, your life is going to take a turn that will certainly be challenging yet beautiful; not to mention your personal as well as financial duties will be doubled.

Now when your family is going to depend on you financially, it’s necessary that you take the right steps at the right time. Some financial duties you should perform today are – signing up for family insurance policy and mediclaim, and making a Will, to name a few. And it’s not necessary for you to always seek expert advice for that. You can do it all by yourself after reading a few blogs on how to make a will at home.

Once you tick off all the above-mentioned things from your family planning list, you’ll be all set to welcome a new member into your family.