Pursuing A Career In The Bright Lights?


Learn As Much As You Can About It

Interested in pursuing a career in the bright lights? The very first thing you must do is go too acting school and learn about your new profession. You should take some local acting classes at a performing arts center as well. Continue your education with a college degree in the area of your professional choice.The business of acting for example: (TV, Movies) has careers on many levels. Research and try out as many roles as you can. Decide where you would like to carve your niche. Acting workshops and study groups are also a good way to stay connected with other like-minded people while practicing and learning together.

Start Networking Locally

Make connections with people you meet in classes and workshops. Find a position working on a real set as an extra and start getting real world experience. Keep in touch with the people you meet who have similar goals. You all will be moving up in the industry together. It’s good to make friends and help each other with opportunities as you grow together. Social networking online has also become a big part of life for all of us. Get connected to others who have the same goals on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Find the companies you wish to one day work for and reach out to others there socially. Social networking is important, but nothing beats getting out there in the real world and making connections. Go to events and other functions where there will be influential people to meet and go introduce yourself!

Promote Yourself

Start a blog or a website of yourself and promote your skill sets. Be sure to include a good head shot picture of yourself. You may want to get a professional photographer to do this. Get several shots of yourself portraying the different characters you are good at and show them on your website. Highlight your experience and education on your website. Go one step further and link your blog or website to social networks. Do a Google search for Actors Access and Casting Calls. You’ll find many websites offer job leads and lots of helpful information for aspiring actors. A good place to start is in student films and other similar projects big and small. Reach out and make contacts then send links to your website.

Casting Workshops and Auditions

Auditions are very important because this is how you land your first of many good jobs in the field. Take casting workshops and acting school to perfect your auditioning techniques. You must learn how to get up in front of real live casting directors and be comfortable on stage and get into character. These workshops can also be a great place to network.

They can get pricey, so make sure you go where you’ll get your money’s worth.

Be Nice To Others

Be nice to others and be a good friend while you network. When you are easy to get along with you are also easy to work with. Your networking friends will see this and remember you first when that important opportunity comes up!