Adorable prints and cute colors – The most essential baby clothing for the first month


When an average baby is born fit, it weighs 5-7lbs. While there are several babies who may outgrow their newborn baby gear within the first few weeks, there are some others who may take a bit more time to outgrow. Being a mom you will always wish that your baby looks best, the most stylish also stays comfortable. During the initial days and months of your baby’s life, there are few essential clothing that are imperative for a mom to buy. There are several infant clothing stores both online and offline from which you can choose the best ones for your infant.

You might be tempted by adorable prints and cute colors and these two factors might draw you towards baby clothes. Nevertheless, before you take a plunge into shopping for clothes for your newborn, here are few things that pieces of essentials that you should watch out for.

White bodysuits, the basic ones

Starting from the birth years to toddler years, you should always have a basic white bodysuit; not one but many rather. This is more like a wardrobe staple. During the winter months, you’re supposed to wear it in the form of layers and again in the summer season, it can be perfect to pair it with shorts and leggings. The envelope-necked Onesies are made of 100% cotton and they’re designed in such a manner that it can fit easily over the head of the baby.

Onepieces, the basic ones

One-pieces of the newborns are perfect for daywear and sleepwear. These are available in long sleeves or even in short ones and they come with snaps or with a long zipper. During the initial days, you may even have to snap 12 times while you dress your infant. Later on, you will experience sleep deprivation and then you’ll be thankful to the fact that it also carries a zipper. Make sure you buy few of different styles.

T-shirts with side-snaps

For the newborns, side snaps tend to be perfect as they’re designed in such a manner that you can put them on like a jacket and get them off even without having to get them over the infant’s head. Due to the fact that the bottom of this t-shirt is open and it doesn’t fit snugly like a bodysuit, this will be comfortable for the baby as it won’t hurt the delicate umbilical cord during the initial months. You may even get a collection of tees, pants, bodysuits and gowns.


How about also having a sleeping gown? A gown features a button which makes diaper changes easier and faster. You can fold the handcuffs to safeguard the baby from carelessly scratching his own face. They have a slimmer and a smaller size which can be perfect for a newborn baby who weighs around 7 lbs.

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the different clothes that are appropriate for your newborn baby, what are you waiting for? Head to the store and buy them at the best prices.