Baby Items You Should Never Buy Used

Baby Care

For new to-be parents, it is really an exciting time when they are getting ready to welcome the new family member. However, expecting a new baby comes with its economic responsibilities as well. There are so many baby essentials to buy and if you have not planned for them in advanced you will be shocked to know how much all these things cost. If you are thrifty parents or someone looking forward to single parenthood, you might want to buy some essentials secondhand, there’s no harm as long as you do not buy these used baby items.

Crib for the new child

A baby crib is the first essential that comes to mind whenever you start planning for the needs of the new baby.

Never buy a used baby crib even when it is available for the cheapest price possible. The modern-day cribs are manufactured as per the stringent safety standards. The older cribs that had drop-down sides caused injuries often and were banned because of the safety issues. Although you won’t find these cribs in stores anymore but they are still sold online sometimes.

You can never know how the used crib was handled before you bought it. It could have been in a storage with harmful chemicals or heavy objects placed on top of the crib exceeding the recommended weight limit that might have compromised its structural integrity. Also, there can be missing pieces you do not know about. Altogether, it’s better to buy a new baby crib so that you have peace of mind.

Baby Crib Mattress

Crib mattresses are as important as a safe and solid crib. It is not unusual to find parents selling used crib mattresses once their children transition to regular bed. It means such mattresses have been in use for at least two years that leads to wear and tear. Secondhand mattresses often have creases and rips where mold and bacteria can grow. You do not want to put your child’s health at stake just to save some bucks on a new mattress.

Baby Car Seats

A car seat is not just a safety gear but it is required by in every state to travel with an infant in one. It is one of the most important baby items that you have to buy to protect your child in an event of an accident. Now the problem is baby car seats cost a lot and when a secondhand seat is available for a fraction of the price, it is obvious to be tempted to buy the used one.

But before you invest in that secondhand baby car seat, you should know that these things come with an expiration date-usually six to nine years. Furthermore, never buy a car seat unless you know if it has ever been in a crash or not.

Infant Formula

Infant formula is one of the most expensive products on the baby items list. For this reason, used infant formula products are so popular on the internet. Foremost risk of buying secondhand infant formula is that you never know if it is tainted or not. Also, even the most well-meaning people do not realize that there can be issues that compromise the integrity of the formula. These items are strictly to be stored in a cool and dry area between 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

If for some reason the infant formula is left out in the cold or was shelved near the oven, it degrades and loses its nutrients. Good news is you can buy store branded infant formula for half the price of name-brand items because FDA strictly regulates the ingredients that go into the formula.

Used Breast Pumps

A breast pump is another baby essential that is often needed. It is one of the most important resources for a single mom. You should never buy a used breast pump for safety reasons. While you can rent the hospital grade pump that is designed to be used by multiple users, but other secondhand breast pumps are a strict no. When pumping milk, the moisture and milk can travel to the pump’s motor through the tubes and when you use such breast pumps it can contaminate your milk. This is a health hazard for your newborn.

Secondhand Baby Toys

Of all the baby items on the list, the toys are the most commonly bought used. It is a common practice for parents to stuff toys in storage for the time when another baby arrives in the family and can play with them. Now the problem with this idea is the safety standards that were followed with the old toys. Today’s safety norms strictly prohibit the use of lead paint, sharp edges or small pieces in toys meant for infants and children. The used baby toys may not be safe for your baby for these reasons.

It is obvious to have second thoughts when financially planning to buy baby items, given their high cost but you don’t want to put your baby’s health and safety at risk. Avoid buying these items used and spend some extra for brand new ones.