New Babies festival celebrations around the world

Babies festival

When it comes to celebrating a festival for babies, there are different options available. In different states and countries, they are celebrating in several ways. Most of the festivals are conducted in various manners in all over the world.  New babies look cute and beautiful.  For hosting a baby festival, you can buy sparklers online which available at affordable cost.  In the following content, some types of babies’ festival celebrated in the world.

New baby birth:

All new babies are welcomed by a great celebration in the world. People celebrate this festival based on their culture, rituals, and customs in various religions.  When hosting any celebration religions is an important role on before and after a birth of new baby.  It is suitable for royal births and others.

Baby jumping celebration:

The jumping festival is celebrated rare when compared to other baby celebration.  This festival is conducted in Castillo de Murcia for every year.  In this celebration, a person who has a new born baby then can bring a baby to the festival.  In Spain, it is one of the parts of celebration. For this festival, people are coming from different cities and towns to enjoying this celebration.  Parents are laid babies on the ground with the help of swaddling clothes. The adults are dressed like a devil and jump over the babies. It will make more fun for Spanish people.  Moreover, it will hold on first Sunday after the Corpus Christi.

Head shaving:

The head shaving will be conducted on Hindu, Muslim and Malay religion.  In Hindu religion, heads are shaved to remove bad luck of previous life.  In the Buddhist monks, they host the celebration on one day or one month after the birth of baby.  On Malay, they shave scalps of new born baby. They apply fresh limes in the scalps of the baby, it indicates behavior of the baby in future years.  Muslims are shaved heads of baby after completion of seven days from their birth.

Bizarre rituals celebration:

In India, babies are dropped off in the Sri Snateswar temple and believed to bring prosperity, health, and luck of the new birth. Yearly two hundred babies are dropped in this festival.  In Japan, they make babies to crying which can be followed by ancient people. Baby first cries are indicated them to become winner in their life.  It also helps them to grow faster and get good health.

Naming festival:

Parents are celebrating naming function after one week of the new baby birth.  In Bhutan, babies are named after three days of their birth by elder persons. With list of names, they choose one beautiful name which exactly suits to the baby.  Babies born in Japan have held this function on the seventh night. In this babies are dressed with white color for the ceremony. The grandparent will write name of the baby in Japanese language. In Hindu religion, they follow a traditional way of celebrating this function on eleventh day.